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5 Reasons to Rent Your Wedding Decor

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

When it comes to planning the decor for your wedding day, you have the choice of renting or buying the decor. Maybe we're biased, but we think that there are so many reasons to rent decor vs. buying for your big day... here are 5 of them!

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1) Maximize your wedding budget

Paying retail prices for wedding decor can add up so quickly... and take away from other categories that you could be spending your funds on. Most rental companies don't charge retail prices for decor, because they rent items out multiple times to make their money back. By renting your decor, you'll be saving money to make your event look lovely!

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Rental Tip:

Want to maximize the use of your rental pieces even more? Talk to your wedding planner or coordinator about possibly reusing your rentals throughout the event! For example, it may be possibly to reuse some of your ceremony decor at the reception.

2) Have someone else do the work for you

I've been in the event rental industry for about 2 years now and let me tell you - it is a lot of working cleaning, storing, transporting, and maintaining everything! When you rent your decor, someone else is taking care of all of that for you! You get everything for your event when you need it, and removed after. If you need help setting up any of the rented items, many companies also offer an option to set up as well, and specialty decor companies (like us!), will offer styling services as well!

3) Make your event more sustainable

Have you heard of having a green wedding? Making events greener is such a passion of mine, and renting your decor is a great way to do that! When you buy single-use items for your event, they might end up in the trash if there isn't a use for them after the event; when you rent your items, you cut down on waste because you know they'll be used again. If you rent from a vintage decor company, there's also a chance that you are renting items that have been refurbished and saved from the landfill. What a great feeling!

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4) Create a unique look for your day

You can create a unique look for your wedding day with rentals by combining different pieces to enhance the theme of your event. Vintage rentals companies that collect vintage items may not have enough of a single item, but by combining the different shapes and styles of decor, your event will look so lovely and one of a kind.

5) Get design help

Along with your wedding planner, a rental company can also provide some design help! They can provide insight on items to tie the look of your event together, suggest specific items, suggest placement of items, and might even have access to hard-to-find rental pieces.

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We hope that these insights have inspired your wedding decor planning - reach out to us if you think we can be of assistance with planning your wedding rentals!

Happy Planning, lovelies!


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